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In that post I mentioned why I used a website broker to extract more value from the sale of my website property. The main reason why I prefer to use a website broker for higher income generating websites is because they have access to a higher level clientele than the typical Flippa buyer aka people and companies with a lot more money than you and I.

Hope my complaining helped. See this comment from Flippa here: In my blog post from last year I said that I knew that my website sold for more than it would have on Flippa. Yes I just said majestic to describe this website, because of the sheer simplicity and genius of this website. The seller is wasting his time answering questions from people that could never afford to buy his website.

I still really appreciate what Flippa is doing for the market because the more people that get into buying and selling websites the better valuations I can get on my own websites. I still have more work to put into improving that website but what else would you like to know? Hi Chris, that sounds like good advice. Maybe what flippa needs is a competitor that offers a better service? Thanks to your 10 day course I have made my first effort to purchase someone elses website. No news yet but I think you are on the right track creating a course regarding website purchases.

Especially if they have already done the hard yards to get a good ranking without any thought of monetization. I agree with your analysis of Flippa not being the best place to sell a high end website. Your existing relationships with brokers would help a lot in that venture, I guess.

That and I prefer doing my own thing more so than selling for others. Hey Chris, I just sold my first website on Flippa as sort of a test run for some of my higher priced sites.

I like the idea of brokers, but my only concern is giving them insight into website broker flippa niches, and risking building up more competition website broker flippa they are able to sell it, driving down website broker flippa price.

Whereas selling on a site like Flippa, I can set it for 7 days, which is hardly enough time to build up any new competition for myself. Is that most brokers are talking to people that have a lot more money and are subsequently less likely to spend their time trying to build a website broker flippa cat website than the others. I never sold an website on flippa though I had the opportunity a couple of times, I ended up selling to existing clients for a little less though you website broker flippa know… Next time I will surely use flippa no doubt about it, seen lots of website broker flippa reviews on the matter.

I think most brokers will monitor Flippa anyways, so I think the best thing to do is just not answer any questions you are afraid will give away your secrets. Well, my point is that people like me sometimes use Flippa to determine which niches are profitable and what to move into.

Hi Chris, Nice post on Flippa. I have not website broker flippa Flippa but after reading your post I website broker flippa interested in trying it. Thanks for sharing your information about it and it helpful alot of readers especially those who are new in this field. Thanks Chris for this eye-opening post on Flippa. I have not use Flippa so far but I consider about using it. Thanks for sharing all these information with us.

Going to one particular website broker without any analysis is just a foolish act… very nice post regarding this. Although Flippa is the dominant selling website broker flippa, I think it will e challenged soon. It is sellin more and more low hanging fruit. Please feel free to contact me website broker flippa your ideas on how we can make flippa the best place for you to transact.

Specifically website broker flippa a higher level broker website broker flippa, please check out https: Take a look — try it out! Some buyers want those sites, and others are looking for more established sites, and the filters allow you to do website broker flippa. You can also filter in the niche you are interested in and save the search so you can be notified when new sites come up that meet your criteria.

Website broker flippa Mark, I should update the post. Most of the time, i website broker flippa just using flipppa to find a value domains to buy then flip it for a great deal in several months later. Though selling back is abit hard but of course, i have my own list of targeted buyers which i could save some bucks on flippa fee while i could do another scale on the same niche again. Is the scale of buyers on flippa not enough value?

If I understand the thread its about the quality of buyer? More about quality of buyer. Are you so big now that you are above these normal everyday people that you once was as well? What happened to treating everyone as equals? Ultimately this is why websites — scratch that — businesses that end up selling for high 6 figures and 7 figures are typically done behind closed doors.

Unless in the small likelihood they were an idiot. I just messaged him some doubts to buy it with BID. It was website broker flippa much inhuman and I guess people look out for money.

I thought that he will be able to help me out with the site but instead he did it. When buyers are like this, why would you even blame the sellers there. No one is perfect. And the flippa manager should not have said that they will be restricting newbies.

So better not to insult any group. I know this is a rather old post but thought I would chime in as I have recently been doing some digging on what people think of Flippa vs. I agree entirely with your original article in regards to the lack of quality buyers present on Flippa. It has started to feel much like Website broker flippa Point back in with very few quality sites and even a few cases of website broker flippa happening because of buyers using Paypal rather than Escrow.

I am obviously biased when I say this as I own a brokerage company myself but I feel having a personal and very close relationship with both the buyer and seller is very key in all acquisitions, not just web website broker flippa. I feel every deal we have ever completed was not only because of our quality listings but also the relationship and trust we have with all our buyers and sellers. Most of the sites on there are listed by scam artist.

Would you happen to have a list of low-end website brokers? You could look at their site and look at the speakers etc. Buying a website is a risky job especially if the investment is big. My first experience was a big fail. This deal looked pretty good to me so I tried it. They provided me with a full report, 20 pages long and with their own subjective opinion.

They were very helpful. Ultimately as your business grows the only way you can go to the next level is to try and keep going bigger and bigger.

Chris how are website broker flippa, reading thru these posts and comments and I wanted to ask you if I should sell my site on Flippa circa April As before I hit that button to add the features on Flippa I want sure I am not wasting my time with that site. Any suggestions on how I can go and list my site using a site or broker dont even know where to find a broker …. My site is clubpsd. There are other places too like EmpireFlippers. Website broker flippa guess the price increase was website broker flippa only if they could have provided a good live customer support, Their support is so slow, you have to wait days to sort out issues.

Its bad with such a pathetic support, they have guts to increase the pricing. People are already searching for an alternative of flippa but flippa has a monopoly in this field not because they are good but there is no one who can build a new flippa.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Example In my blog post from last year I said that I knew that my website sold for more website broker flippa it would have on Flippa. This is precisely why I chose to not list Netbook Reviews on Flippa. Have any comforting thoughts on that?

Yeah, I figured as much, but it never hearts to be cautious. Hey Chris, I know this is a rather old post but thought I would chime in as I have recently been doing some digging on what people think of Flippa vs.

Logan Abner Founder, WeBrokr.

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