Front-Running Chart Pattern Strategy For High Profit Trades

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Online Stock Trading Guide. On just about any given day, you can find trading intraday breakout patterns intraday breakout on various stocks. The key of course, is to know which one's! Finding the one's is the harder part and one that we have limited control over. What we do have control over though, is learning about various stock chart patterns and their potential moves afterwards.

An Intraday Breakout pattern is a relatively common pattern and therefore watched for by a considerable number of other traders. What this means is that once a price moves outside of a recognizable pattern, those other traders may recognize the price trading intraday breakout patterns as a breakout.

For this article, we are looking specifically at those breakouts that occur "Intraday". When one does occur, the other traders watching the pattern who see it also, typically add momentum to the breakout. The more traders that jump in, the larger, and stronger the price movement.

Then there are the "other traders". The traders who see the breakout and wait for a potential climax, and start selling like crazy. The final trend after a breakout is determined by whomever has more conviction and trading intraday breakout patterns through. Meaning, if buyers out number the sellers in trading volume, then the trend may continue higher, and vice versa if sellers are in control.

One of the things that may help out is knowing a bit about the company you are trading. If things appear to be positive, an upward bias may hold. If things appear to be negative, a downward bias may be stronger. There's more to consider than just positive or negative bias though, such as valuation or potential future products, earnings, etc. These are the subject of further learning though. Let's take a look at a trading intraday breakout patterns chart examples below. Both of these charts are of the same day, showing two different intraday breakout patterns that occurred.

The first stock chart below shows a symmetrical triangle pattern that formed throughout the morning. As many experienced traders know, there are several possibilities on a breakout: There are other possibilities, but these are the two most common.

As you can on trading intraday breakout patterns chart above, after the brief breakout to the downside, prices quickly reversed and broke out to the upside. This pattern is very common and provides a nice trading opportunity for those with patience to trading intraday breakout patterns for the pattern to evolve.

You can see that at about 2: Notice the increased volume on both breakouts to the upside on both charts. If you see a breakout happening with little volume increase, beware. This would mean that prices are breaking out with little support for the move in whatever the direction it may be. Elliott Wave Videos Learn to trade in the direction of the forecasted trend with this free video course. Click here to start watching: Free Elliott Wave Video Lessons.

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