MiFID II clock synchronization advice: Don’t drop the mic (Part 1)

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Guys, would any of you say here that you would be able to bring it up from 10 euro to again? Can any of you do that? I got more than 1 million reais with the DEMO account. Everything makes me believe that it is a controlled platform. That is, in a month I would make more than million reais!! I did very precise analysis and found that the chart behaves differently in the last moments before the expiration, in the sense of making you lose.

In the DEMO account, on the contrary, you can always win the most. I do not recommend. Yes I did and found others on the forum who trade with them and have no problem withdrawing. What method are you using? Reason given was due to "technical imbalance".

Statement went on to say "integrity and respect for our users remains key". So it looks like some of the technical issues users found and reported here were fundamental and IQ have had to roll it back. Yeah Im getting "options not purchased" a lot of times, with IQ option Also sometimes the site doesnt load, and keep buffering, why? Hi I've been trading Binary Options for about 4 years now I have come across trading binary in a slow market timestamp lot of negative press, but the simple thing is that people think that strategy works and using robot systems, Let me tell you it DOES NOT WORK, you trade binary purely on fundamentals,the news that comes out and having a proper risk management system in place, as the entry point is key, you also have to be careful of what brokers you use as there are 2 types, market makers and STP.

Anyone else have this problem today? Its on every asset. So I strongly believe trading binary in a slow market timestamp IQ OPTION is also implementing the system that analyze the probability of traders win then adjust to the risk of the amount of traders during specific time. May I ask you what time did you trade and having this problem????

The current system is a part of company's risk management system, which allows us to make sure that we are always able to provide our traders with the legitimate earnings. It operates through out the day, constantly, but as during the Asian session the number of traders increases massively, the number of available for trading options decreases accordingly Asian session is known for it's common low volatility periods, which brings more traders in cause it is very easy to trade during that particular time During Asian session market prices usually do not change much and a lot of traders prefer to start trading during that time, if their strategy requires it.

When they start trading, they buy an option. When a lot of traders buy options, the number of options available for trading decreases System calculates the number of options available for trading, not win or loss rate.

It is made to secure our clients earnings, not the opposite These practice become popular to most of Binary Option Brokers. Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: I have no idea what you people are talking about. Every broker will get some errors and some crashes or some system problems.

That doesnt mean its a scam. I read here some posts and i see that if you get some error or some system problem with something you just run here and type that iqoption is a scam or of its with other brookers you do the same. What is your problem people? I have no problems with iqoptions. January edited January I am still testing iq option also.

I do well with the demo account and trading binary in a slow market timestamp some real money already a few times. Should I blame iq option for that and do that so fast? First I am looking for my mistakes. I am not defending iq option I am only sharing my experience which is: No any trouble, smooth. Only watch out for not to take the bonus unless you know the conditions; that is how far you need to go with the account before you can withdraw any money. I tested it, could withdraw as little as 2 usd.

They said it will trading binary in a slow market timestamp 3 working days but in less than 24 hours money was on my account. All your trades are documented with timestamps and price included, if they would manipulate on that it is too easy to catch them, so I don't think you are judging trading binary in a slow market timestamp right.

You might want to read this: Does anyone actually earned profit and successfully withdrew it?? Hello Kaisiang, You asked about withdrawal Well, I started as a newbie quiet green tho I knew a little bit of technical analysis and I am specialized on roulette strategies.

If I can leave with profit from trading binary in a slow market timestamp online roulette where my trading binary in a slow market timestamp against a programmed computer was designed to eat my money I guess I can master this.

I picked up a few things of course first I burned some cash. At the moment am practicing on a demo account. Doing far better so I will go live again soon. I been chatting with a few guys who are doing trading binary in a slow market timestamp with binary and iq option as well. Their report is credible. Guys what advice would you give in the first amount to deposit on iq options. Also to warn you about IQ option, they installed malware on my comp, I hardly managed to save my comp.

Saying affiliates are doing it, making all kind of excuses. Have proof their emails. Download for Windows IQ options and trade from that without browser. You will still get some errors but much much less. I hope they fix their site, its a really user friendly platform but got to many problems.

I ambil from Indonesia. I cannot log-in iq option this day. I am from Indonesia.


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DARE and Analytics which helps you manage your risk. Market Facilitation Index Technical Indicator Get protected from those unscrupulous brokers as well as technical issues. A New System Is Born While working on a system to trade as a graduate student at the Wharton School of Business in the early s, Fisher observed the importance that the opening range held in setting the tone for the trading day. The more rapidly the value is increasing or decreasing, the more bullish or bearish the signal.

The Blog Passive Income How To Make Money On Ebay Fast important aspect in financial market trading is making correct decisions about market entries and exits.