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This interface is implemented by: Disable Nagle's algorithm for this connection. The parameter of this option is an InetAddress. This is used only for MulticastSockets in java, and it is set by default for MulticastSockets.

Ethernet, token ring, etc. Set which outgoing interface on which to send multicast packets. This option enables or disables local loopback of multicast datagrams. This option is enabled by default for Multicast Sockets. Specify a linger-on-close timeout. Enabling the option with a timeout of zero does a forceful close immediately.

If the specified timeout value exceeds 65, it will be reduced to 65, The option must be set prior to entering a blocking operation to take effect. Traderxp binary options 9 tips for new traders top fivecom the timeout expires and the operation would continue to block, java. Valid for all sockets: When used in set, this is a suggestion to the kernel from the application about the size of buffers to use for the data to be received over the socket.

When the keepalive option is set for a TCP socket and no data has been exchanged across the socket in either direction for 2 hours NOTE: One of three responses is expected: The peer responds with the expected ACK. The socket is closed. There is no response from the peer. Valid only for TCP socket: When the option is disabled which is the default urgent data is silently discarded.

If the option is to be enabled, and it takes an option-specific "value", this is passed in value. Fetch the value of an option. Binary options will return java. Boolean true if enabled, java. Boolean false if disabled, e. Valid for TCP only: This option must be specified in the constructor. Valid only for TCP: Set a timeout on blocking Socket operations:. It is supported for only datagram sockets and only on networks that support the concept of a broadcast message e.

Useful on hosts with multiple network interfaces, where applications want to use other than the system default. If the specified timeout value exceeds 65, it will be reduced to 65, Valid only for TCP: The Socket is not closed in this case.

TCP will send another probe following another 2 hours of inactivity. The purpose of this option is to detect if the peer host crashes.

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