The witcher 3 censored option trading

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I've seen quite a few threads on this topic, yet I still can't make up my mind of taking the risk and purchasing a Russian copy for 7 keys or purchasing a ROW copy for around 17 or so keys.

Is it likely that the Russian copies will become unavailable for playing upon its release, and will the Russian version of the game have any modifications e.

Are copies the witcher 3 censored option trading from the regions listed here https: If so, what would be the lowest possible price for a copy? You both need to check to see your copy has changed. I posted steps in this thread to find out about the copies on your account.

Activate it immediately, if the game is in your library it wont get lock. Or if it will get you can ask steam support to delete the game from your library and refund your keys, because there was no any warning about the lock. They won't give you any support for traded games except for reversing the trade if it was originally purchased with a stolen credit card or something.

I traded for a game that was supposed to give a free bonus copy but didn't, it was clear that the problem was on their end, but support person Billy just billshitted me endlessly that nothing could be done because I traded for it. I bought a RU copy for 7 tf2. I hope it wont get locked else I have to buy a new one ; Nothing's certain but I think I'm safe.

I dont think they will lock already activated copies. That will show you whether you have the RU version or not. License The Witcher 3 RU The thing the witcher 3 censored option trading they could change these numbers, pointing to a locked version, but I don't know if it would retroactively affect already activated copies. We won't know for a while for sure, but even without the red text it still could be a problem if they retro lock the game even for activated copies.

I'm happy to say that my expensive, early bought RU copy 12 tf2 keys in June is completely region free! Same here, this one is not tagged RU or anything else. I only hope they will not restrict EU users like me from playing without the EU package Here is the thing. CDProjekt seriously deserves to be paid the full price. The game will be amazing, there is no doubt about that. But if you buy a russian copy, there is always the risk that you'll get locked out of the game.

It's not worth it. Well, a lot of people will simply not buy the game at full price. If they can't find cheaper versions that fit their budget, they will simply not buy the game. In that case the developer misses out on the sale. So its really subjective if people feel that the developer deserves more of their money for a game. Check steamdb for ru version: Already activated gifts bought before this lock should be okay, though. There are plenty of RU copies available for trade that can be traded cross region yet you still end up with an RU copy.

I traded for mine just a few weeks ago without any problems via Dispenser. It may be that copies purchased after that got added are affected in this way, but there's still no telling what you're getting until its activated and you check then. Anyway, I already have it won on SGthe witcher 3 censored option trading not my problem, the witcher 3 censored option trading, it feels good to be me.

It depends on when it was purchased whether its cross tradable or not. There was no mark on the gift whatsoever. And you may have an RU licensed version espc since you only the witcher 3 censored option trading it a month ago. You need to check via the Steam console I posted steps in this thread to see what license you have. Right now you can buy it from russian sellers. But later it will be region locked. Already purchased copies of game dont get changes later, cuz you buying Region-free copy of game.

Its not region locked. If it has different SubID, then it means it will have "you can only play with Russian IP" the witcher 3 censored option trading when it gets released, just like Witcher 1 and Witcher 2. Mostly pre-order game just take 6 months before they released. It activated just fine for me. Can it block my access to it at a later date? I could not see any tags on it neither was there any red writing when I saw it in my inventory.

How do I confirm if its row or not once I have added the game to my library? The problem with this game is that despite it being tagged RU or what not, its not actually tagged like normal where the gift has red writing when viewed in inventory or on dispenser a game would say "Mario Bros RU ".

The only way to tell what copy you get is after activation. Still can't decide if I'm going to purchase from steam or GOG directly. Is Russian Version and is the witcher 3 censored option trading safe, but anyway developer say "No Drm" http: I think you look at wrong Witcher 2 - https: As much as some of you might be "steam elites" don't fret if your copy gets locked, you can activate the steam key on GOG for a drm free copy on GoG just like The Witcher 2.

The likelihood of the game being locked after activating, that is is fairly close to exactly zero. Developers say no block TW3 http: As noted by Madjoki, there's been an update to Russian gifts. However, those of us who traded for this game and ended up with a Russian copy, there's been a change on the SteamDB.

New copies purchased in the Russian store https: The old Russian tradables have The new untradable ones have If you have already activated the game, you do not have to worry about having They didn't change already activated copies. If you have one sitting in your inventory, I have no information on what to tell you as I dont know if unactivated copies have been changed. If you want to make sure of what you do have already activated, I posted steps to check via the Steam console in this thread.

There are a lot of people that have the RU Version and I doubt Valve or the dev will want to shut out a huge of people and deal with the witcher 3 censored option trading hassle, especially since the RU OLD package did not have the red warning writing, which I believe would the witcher 3 censored option trading issues if they shut someone out and there was no warning.

My guess is those of us with the the witcher 3 censored option trading RU version will be okay once the game is released. I do not know if the new SUBID has the red region warning in inventory, in fact its probably impossible to get as a tradable anyway since it cant be purchased as a gift.

The worry is the witcher 3 censored option trading unactivated copies have been affected by this change. You can check which version is in inventory with extension that shows ClassID. Is there a way to find out the SubID before purchasing it?

I do usually buy steam keys from a chinese online stores, usually DLCs since they can't be region locked since main game is NA version. I am wondering if i can ask the vendor to show a screen shot that proofs which SubID keys they are selling? Not from a key purchase. I doubt you can even get a key for this game yet. You can see it in a gift trade though. RU is too, but it can be locked later It needs exploit to purchase as a gift, so there's no legit way to get outside of those areas.

I'm reading that this version OLD can be blocked although gift had not written in red if it happens and why do two versions? I the witcher 3 censored option trading you're not confused.

If they wanted to lock every russian copy, they wouldn't create a new RU sub id at all. Older RU copy was somehow bugged and it acted like a ROW copy with no red restriction warning in the description at all. Since too many people bought it with or without knowing that, adding a play lock later would just create a mass shitstorm around them and Valve. So they simply create another RU sub id and made older one unavailable for purchase.

And this is exactly why CD Project Red deserves full support. Most developers would just retroactively lock every single RU copy and didn't give a shit about their customers at all, but CDPR actually let early the witcher 3 censored option trading to play their copies freely. Current RU version will probably get play-locked like Witcher 2 is used to be?

Comment has been collapsed. Does Steam usually do these kind of refunds? No they don't, since you didn't buy it from the the witcher 3 censored option trading, you traded it for keys. Did you already experienced this? No, I haven't traded for it yet. The RU copies aren't tagged at all right now. It doesn't matter if it has the red writing or not. It still could very easily be a RU version.

There's only one way to check. Go into any Steam chatroom i. I picked one that was empty Type this without the quotes "steam: That opens the Steam console, you'll see a blank screen that looks like a text box Type this:

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