Windows 10: Specify Default Active Power Plan in Windows 10

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Most organizations see IT as a necessary expense. Reducing power consumption is one way that IT can generate some serious savings! So if you have been looking for a way to get a raise or to hire an extra person or tworead on! If you plan on highlighting how much money IT saves the company, you need a rough baseline to start with.

To do that, you will need to know three things:. Before you get started, you will need a list of your major computer models and how many you have of each type. Now we need to find out how much power is being used by each model.

No need power options windows 10 gpo bust out the Kill-A-Watt to see power usage. You can easily find the average power usage for any computer model that you have. For starters, check out this Power Usage chart. Next, you will need to get an accurate cost of electricity. Finally, you will need to estimate how long the devices are used for. Some devices would be shutdown for breaks and weekends though.

Your total cost is calculated at the top. If needed, you can change the cost of electricity. Group Policy makes configuring a custom power policy very simple.

Like most settings, you can configure the power policy with Administrative Templates or Preferences. Unless you have a specific need or have serious control issuesI would recommend using Group Policy Preferences to configure the power settings.

By using Group Policy Preferences, you can configure default power settings but still let your users change specific values to fit their working schedules. Default Power Options and Settings. You will probably have users complain about how their computers shutdown, by adding their computers to this group — they will be excluded from any settings thus letting them complain about something else.

If you have any power options windows 10 gpo with these settings, check out item 4 on this list. Right click to create a new Power Policy. This preference behaves almost identically to the Internet Options preference. You can use power options windows 10 gpo F5, F6, F7, and F8 keys to enable or disable power options windows 10 gpo options.

For safety, disable all options F8 and then selectively enable settings that you wish to change. Select the specific setting and press F6 to enable it. Most company power plans fail because of inflexible settings. Instead of doing this, take advantage of dynamic shutdown times by enabling hibernation! With hibernation, computers will shutdown after a period of idleness instead of at set times. If a particular user has to leave work at 2: If your users normally work until 5, their machines will shutdown by 7.

In our environment, desktops are set to hibernate after 3 hours of non use. To stop your users from bending power options windows 10 gpo and actually having to power on their computers in the morning, enable automatic startup in the BIOS. Beginning in Windows Vista, Group Policy automatically refreshes when a machine comes out of a hibernate.

Because of this, we create a weekly scheduled task that automatically reboots the machines. If you start having this issue, just create a scheduled task that runs shutdown. Set the task to run super early in the morning and allow it to wake the machine.

Be sure to let them know that this form authorizes a monthly deduction equal to the cost of their energy usage multiplied by the amount of time that they waste.

Now that I look at our power policy, I see some settings that can be tightened up for even more savings! Do you already have a power policy? If so, how did you power options windows 10 gpo it and did you highlight your savings?

PowerShell 3 Lunch and Learn: What is Your Current Usage? To do that, you will need to know three things: How much power is being used? How much does that power cost? How long is the device used for? Enabling Dynamic Shutdowns Most company power plans fail because of inflexible settings.

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