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Click here to add your reply. Has any one used upgrade options of Optiontown. I have just come to know about this optiontown. I am planning to sign up for upgrade at optiontown. I do not know whether to trust this website or not. What if they don't refund my money back. Does they really upgrade optiontown bad reviews premium at such low prices as they claim?

I would appreciate if any one could help me optiontown bad reviews this. I have not used it for Air Asia flights.

I could not get the chance yet. It was a long flight and I was very lucky to get the upgrades as it could be a nightmare in economy for me causing me backache. Pls be very very carefull.

I have already used the optiontown and they will upgrade upon premium seat availability. If no seat,for sure to my experience they will not refund and no response even you call and optiontown bad reviews message numerous times. I had bad experience. Somewhere in Januaryi Travel from KL-Tokyo and i optiontown bad reviews upgraded to a premium seat and on my return flight they didnt upgrade may seat not available.

Well they should refund immediately or latest within 1 week. When i called Amex,they confirm me few times that there is no such refund from Optiontown. When i check with Amex,again they told same answer that no refund received. I did also send email to Air Asia but they did not reply till to date. I did purchase bcz recommended by Air Asia. Pls dont trust Option town and i hope all Airlines should reconsider the tie ups with Option town since optiontown bad reviews seems not keeping to promise.

We applied for an Optiontown upgrade for a recent flight on AirAsia. We got an email a few hours before the flight. At the AirAsia check-in desk they had no record of the upgrade and refused to change our seats. Optiontown are refusing to refund our fee. Steer clear of Optiontown. I got an email a few days before to say that I wasn't accepted for the upgrade, and received the refund a week or so later. I seem to recall it said that you would get the refund within 2 weeks??

So it sounds like it's a mixed set of reviews. Just realised that the original post is quite an old one - but I guess the info is still relevant.

If you have not use the upgrade service optiontown bad reviews optiontown, they guarantee to process the refund of upgrade price. Optiontown has the worst service ever. They took your money first before they can guarantee you the seat, that's fine right because we just want to be on the waiting list. We hope that when we pay today, we will be above people that pay tomorrow in that waiting list.

And our chance is higher than the late bookers. You know how it works? Even you pay first, people who pay later can get the seat you're waiting for months. Optiontown bad reviews yes, the number of seat you and the late bookers applied are the same. So there's no issue on the seats available. It is the issue of cutting queue, random selection of who will optiontown bad reviews the upgrade. Very unfair, very scam operation. And they don't even tell it on the website. If your operation is on random selection, tell us upfront!

They took our money and make it looks like on the first come first serve basis, but actually they just pick any booking to upgrade randomly. What a bad service. I experienced this, we have separate Air Asia X booking, then when we get Optiontown offer, my friend try it first.

After 4 days, then only I applied it. When optiontown bad reviews is 2 days before our flight, I got the successful confirmation and my friend who optiontown bad reviews earlier did not get it.

We were curious and when we call them they gave me that random answer. We were so shocked and felt cheated. Seriously this the worst service ever. Randomly operated company can't be trusted! Please don't steal our content Built on Skeleton.

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