Stripe Checkout Custom Integration

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Optionshandler forum wondering if there is anything to note before attempting this customization, as it relates to Perch.? It was SO easy to plug Stripe into Perch--I'd hate to have to double back on the amazing work that Perch is already doing for us. Do we know of a straightforward way to customize the look of the Checkout modal? There's an amount of customisation you can do of the Stripe modal via the optionshandler forum in the form that opens it.

That form is a template in Shop which you can update. I'll see what I can accomplish in the template I went ahead and tried the "custom integration" of Stripe Checkout apparently this allows me to customize the button but not the pop-up payment form.

I passed some Perch template tags into the optionshandler forum and they come through fine but I can't get the payment to process. Am I missing something as far as the optionshandler forum are concerned? Apologies if this is not optionshandler forum scope--I can direct the question at Stripe. The custom integration optionshandler forum you create a custom button and passes a Stripe token to a JavaScript callback.

Your JavaScript callback will need to send the token to your server for use. I thought maybe the server side portion was already contained in Perch. I'm not sure how or where to link up with Perch to get the token back in this case For fully custom imbedded form still need to add jquery. Forum Thread tagged as: Stripe Checkout Custom Integration Hi! Has anyone attempted a custom integration with "Stripe Checkout"? I like optionshandler forum "Stripe Checkout" modal but I'm not satisfied with the blue button and styling.

Olympia Kyriakides 1 points 1 year ago. Drew McLellan optionshandler forum Perch Support 1 year ago. I'm not aware of anyone doing so optionshandler forum, but people only speak to me when they have problems. Do you get the Stripe token back? No I don't think so. From the Stripe docs: Optionshandler forum need to pass the token back to the server, though: Thank you Drew--all set!

For custom button leading to Stripe pop-up payment modal: Want to reply to this thread?

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