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No plans have been announced for allowing Legacy Format for any series of Premier Events, although it is always possible that Legacy Format could pop up as a side event for an upcoming tournament or as an independent tournament outside of the organized play structure if someone chooses to organize such an event. In this article I will be going over all of the basic things that you will need to know about Legacy Format.

Most of this article will be a re-introduction to players on features of the Heart Gold and Soul Silver expansion sets as all of the Black and White sets are Expanded legal, so most players are already familiar with those. In total there are 16 sets legal in the Legacy format, five from the Heart Gold and Soul Silver era and 11 sets from the Black and White era. The Legacy format follows current game rules that came into being with the release of the Kalos Starter Sets.

This means that the player who goes first cannot attack. Additionally, Pokemon Catcher is the version of the card with the errata, meaning that you must flip a coin when you use Pokemon Catcher. With the release of Black and White, Pokemon simplified the game by no longer printing Poke-Body and Poke-Power cards and instead combining both attributes under one new umbrella known as Abilities.

While all three are similar in their general function, there are some minor differences between them that make for some interesting card interactions in the Legacy Format. Here are how each term is defined in the rules using the HGSS: Triumphant rulebook and the current XY rulebook.

The most important thing to remember in regards to these are that they are three distinct categories from each other, and while all three are similar, they are not all considered the same thing, and optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 differences creates some unique card interactions in Legacy that players should be aware of. Status Conditions were typically relegated to a few niche decks in the HGSS-on format that last saw Poke-Powers, so players who played during that time seldom had their Poke-Powers turned off because they were affected by a Special Condition.

This means that you can actually build decks that use Garbotoxin in tandem with Poke-Bodies and Poke-Powers. It also means that if you have a deck that is based around using Poke-Bodies and Poke-Powers then you do not need to worry about having your powers shutoff by Garbotoxin. One of the most interesting aspects of Legacy is that optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 of Garbotoxin, scenarios can come up where players need to decide on what cards to play in situations where there are Poke-Powers and Abilities that do similar things.

However, if a player wishes to make a variant based around Keldeo EX as their primary attacker, and perhaps Suicune PLB as an alternate attacker, then playing Blastoise is actually the wrong decision, they should be playing Feraligatr Prime. Twins let you search your deck for any two optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 when you were behind on prize cards.

Legend Box lets you look at the top 10 cards of your deck and then if there are two different LEGEND halves in those 10 cards you can put the LEGEND Pokemon onto your bench and also attach all Energy cards you find there onto that Pokemon, and then shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

This is a very powerful effect, and it can be used multiple times in a turn to give you many shots at it. While this card is extremely powerful when it works, the card is inconsistent because of the low counts of each LEGEND Pokemon in your deck. Promo Cards add three more Stadium Cards: This gives us a total of 15 Stadium Cards. I would argue that Tropical Beach was vastly underplayed in the HGSS-on formats, and should have been included in most decks.

Not only does Legacy have less available Stadium Cards, but the number of Stadium Cards that will commonly be optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 in deck is also less. Other Stadium Cards may see some niche use, but will likely never play a big role in the meta game. This essentially creates a three Stadium triangle that players need to be aware of. Tropical Beach is of course an exception, as players may choose to run high counts of it to boost the consistency of drawing it on the first turn of the game.

One of the most important card staples of Legacy Format is Junk Arm, a card that was printed in the Triumphant expansion. The card was consistently played as a 4-of in the HGSS-on format, and it will continue to see heavy usage in Legacy. Search your discard pile for a Trainer card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. One thing to note with Junk Arm is that you can get back a card that you discarded with it, however you do need a target already in your discard in order to play it.

The way you do this is including cards in your deck that can be retrieved from your discard pile to give you an out to a Supporter card or an out to draw. There are a couple of cards that can do this. While this card was good during its time, it was instantly outclassed by Random Receiver, which was released in Dark Explorers.

Random Receiver has you reveal cards from the top of your deck until you hit a Supporter card, and then you put that Supporter card into your hand. With very little utility Supporters in the format, and almost entirely draw and search Supporter cards, Random Receiver will almost always get you a good out in most decks. There are also a few new interactions with Junk Arm from later Black and Optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 sets which players can utilize for consistency purposes.

The first such combination is Bicycle, an Item card which lets you draw cards until you have 4 in your hand. Junk Arm and Bicycle combo excellently together, as Junk Arm allows you to play down your hand to optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 your draw from Bicycle. Another new combo for Junk Arm is pairing optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 with Ace Spec cards.

Speaking of Ace Spec cards, one thing that Junk Arm will allow is for players to get back their Ace Spec cards and re-use them without needing to use an attack to get them back. This could open up Legacy as a format where some of the lesser played Ace Spec cards see more play. During the original run of Ace Spec cards, and even in Expanded now, the majority of decks play Computer Search, while a minority play Dowsing Machine and Dowsing Machine went down in play as time went onwhile the other Ace Spec cards only saw play in a small niche of decks.

T his could change in Legacy as cards like Rock Guard, Life Dew, and Scramble Switch become much more interesting when they can be retrieved multiple times in a game. Being able to play such cards multiple times during a game with any deck could open up new strategies built on the re-use of those cards.

Master Ball also becomes a more interesting card in Legacy, as it gives you a non-destructive search card that you can retrieve with Junk Arm and get any Pokemon with.

In the current Standard and Expanded formats we will tech many 1-of Supporter cards into our deck because we are playing VS Seeker as a 4-of, allowing us to get multiple uses out of these 1-of Supporter cards.

This same phenomenom exists in Legacy Optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016, only for Item cards. As we are typically going to play 4 Junk Arm in our decks, we can optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 good use out of any Item card, even if we only play a single copy of it.

Tool Scrapper, which lets you remove 2 Pokemon Tool cards that are in play, can be teched into decks to be repeatedly used to remove Tool cards from Garbodor DRX to shut off its Garbotoxin Ability, allowing your Pokemon to use their Abilities. Since so many decks in this format choose to use Virbank City Gym, you can play a single copy of Hypnotoxic Laser optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 have an out for a little bit of a damage boost against decks that do play the Stadium.

Expanded format adds in Jirachi EX into the mix. In this section I will cover the Pokemon that you can use to setup your field, draw, or strategy. I will start with the most recently released card, which is Jirachi EX, which is still legal in the Expanded format. This allows you to use any Pokemon search card as an out for a Supporter card boosting the consistency of your deck.

It does come at the cost of potentially giving your opponent two prizes, but Legacy Optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 is light on gust effects, and Jirachi EX still gives you a chance to win games that you might otherwise lose.

Smeargle allowed for some speedier engines allowing players to play multiple Supporter cards on the first game giving decks a lot of draw power. Towards National Championship, Smeargle was being played in decks in counts of Smeargle can be played around by discarding Supporter cards from your hand and keeping a Supporter out with Junk Arm or Random Receiver available.

Finally, there are a pair of Baby Pokemon that can be used for getting setup. The first is Pichu HS, which has the Playground attack, which lets you search your optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 for as many Basic Pokemon as you want and put them on your bench and then your opponent can search their deck for as many Basic Pokemon as they want and then put them on their bench as well.

The first special attribute of Baby Pokemon are that they have no attack cost, meaning you can use an Energy card to retreat into them and still attack with them in the same turn. One of the more interesting game mechanics in the Legacy Format is the Lost Zone, a game mechanic that was abandoned after the release of the Black and White.

The glossary in the HGSS: Triumphant rulebook defines the Lost Zone as follows:. Lost Zone — A card sent to the Lost Zone is no longer playable during that match, and is placed face up anywhere out of play.

The complete removal of cards from play is a great mechanic that I wish Pokemon revisits sometime in the near future. Could you imagine how many less complaints there would be about Standard format if there was a way to put Night March Pokemon into the Lost Zone? Some cards allow for any card to be put into the Lost Zone. One of the more interesting features of the Lost Zone is that there are also cards that are able to interact with cards that are in the Lost Zone.

The most commonly played of these cards was Mew Prime, whose Lost Link Poke-Body let you use the attacks of any Pokemon in the Lost Zone as its own as long as you met the Energy optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016. It also had the See Off attack which let you search your deck for a Pokemon and put it into the Lost Zone.

The Lost Zone also brought with it a fourth win condition. Lost World decks were actually one of the most hyped pre-release decks that the game has seen.

Gengar Prime is the only real Pokemon that can make use of this card as part of a winning strategy. In this section I will be covering key cards from the Heart Gold and Soul Silver era that I think it is important for players to know about. In this section I will also repeat cards that have been mentioned in other sections of this article for people who may have skimmed over earlier sections.

One big weakness of these two setup Baby Pokemon in Legacy Format compared to their original format is that you can no longer attack going first. Pokemon Collector is a Supporter card that lets you search your deck for three Pokemon and then put them into your hand.

This was a common Supporter card that players aimed to use on the first turn of the game to get their pre-evolution Pokemon into play. This card fell out of favor in most decks when we began to get stronger Item search cards and the format moved more towards using Basic Pokemon.

This card is an Item card that lets you swap out a Pokemon from your hand for one in your deck. It can be good for conserving your Pokemon without discarding them, but it is generally outclassed by Ultra Ball in most decks. Since you need a Pokemon in hand to make use of the card, it works best in decks playing lots of Pokemon, which for the most part would be evolution decks. This card is one of our gust options in Legacy format.

These two cards are the universal gust effects of Legacy Format that can go in almost every deck. While the coin flip is a downer, with Junk Arm in the format you can play lots of these in the game, increasing the chances you have to get a hit in a game.

This was one of optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 most popular draw cards during the HGSS-on era, and will likely continue to be a popular inclusion in Legacy decks. The reason PONT is so popular among players is because it is a good Supporter card to see in all stages of the game, it comes with no drawbacks, and always gets you a decent number of cards. Players seem to be completely adverse to playing Shauna, which is one less card, but loved PONT when it was last legal in Standard.

Shaymin has a Poke-Power called Celebration Wind that lets you move any Energy card attached to any of your Pokemon to any of your other Pokemon when you play Shaymin from your hand onto your bench. The card is very powerful as it allows you to completely switch up your strategy in the middle of the game by shifting your Energy to new Pokemon as well as to maximize any stray Energy attachments from earlier in the game allowing any previous attachments from not becoming sunk costs.

One of the things that can make Dual Ball better than a card like Ultra Ball is that Dual Ball is able to be retrieved with Junk Arm and be used without having to discard more cards from your hand beyond the two from Junk Arm. The card lets you flip 2 coins, and for each heads search your deck for a Basic Pokemon. Skyarrow Bridge allowed you to retreat your Smeargle for free, as it has a 1 retreat cost, allowing you to use Smeargle to aide your setup and then retreat into your attackers.

Playing a single Supporter in a turn is already powerful, so playing two or more in a turn using Portait Poke-Powers is obviously very powerful. Being a Poke-Power will allow Smeargle to be a great setup Pokemon as it can be used effectively when going first, while a Pokemon like Cleffa cannot because it needs to use an attack for its setup effect.

Portrait can be played around optionen trading card game pokemon online deck codes 2016 using Junk Arm for Random Receiver, but in Legacy Format this line of play can be punished if your opponent plays Ghetsis.

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T oday I thought I would touch on a topic that is rarely talked about on SixPrizes or any other strategy sites: I was interested in PTCGO years before it even came out, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to alpha test it at Washington States , before it had been released to the public.

However, since diving in, I have been absolutely obsessed. The ability to maintain a hands-free collection online, meaning no sleeving or unsleeving of cards, worrying about damage that may occur, and just physically having to store them, was huge. As I mentioned earlier, the ability to play any day at any time is also an incredible factor, and probably the biggest selling point of the entire program. Although this is making TPCi far less money up front, it would draw in more players in the long run, as there is no downside to maintaining a PTCGO account alongside your paper collection.

PTCGO being relatively expensive also means that, when the time comes, many players are more likely to be willing to overspend on tournament entries or whatever other revenue generating idea TPCi comes up with. However, I do believe that it does everything it needs to do in that it is not unpleasant to look at and appeals to its target audience. Compare this to Magic Online, which up until last year looked like a spreadsheet and now just looks like a Windows 95 game, and Hearthstone, which I feel often sacrifices function for form.

The aim of the deck is not to win, and not even JUST to lose, but to lose in the most efficient way possible so that you can get the maximum number of prize wheel spins in any given play session.

This is obviously very frustrating. If live tournaments offered the same exact prizes for winning and losing, would you want to play your Seismitoad-EX deck through six rounds and a top 8 at Cities? Of course not, because you would have no incentive to do so. I believe that both of these classifications need to remain in existence. The people who are trying out the game for the first time are just going to get frustrated if they get Seismitoad locked over and over again, and those trying to properly playtest are going to uninstall the game if they play against nothing but casual players.

Eliminating either of these is a lose-lose for everyone. I believe that Casual should remain mostly unchanged but reward 2 Trainer Tokens for a win and 1 Trainer Token for a loss. Ranked, in my mind, should undergo a pretty heavy change. I believe that Elo ratings should be applied publicly to every account, and that when entering a ranked game a player should be paired against another player of equal skill.

I believe that releasing this information publicly would allow for players to have an idea of their own skill relative to the rest of the field, the skill of their potential opponents, and overall lead to fairer gameplay. While I understand that these tournaments are still in the testing stages, a stage that TPCi likely does not want to rush through, I believe that a lot more could be done with these tournaments for a very small investment on behalf of the PTCGO developers.

Even without any of that happening, these would be pretty valuable, both from a profit-making standpoint and a playtesting standpoint. There are limitless other options, but I believe they all revolve around implementing bigger and better tournaments into PTCGO. It will be up to us to express our interest in competitive online tournaments and up to TPCi to listen to player demand.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Up the Ante. The Good ebay Every physical pack comes with a virtual pack. The Bad A deck whose objective is to buzz off as quickly as possible. Ranked I believe that both of these classifications need to remain in existence.