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Head to our download page to get the latest official release, or check out the latest development version from our git repository. QuantLib is also available in other languages. Documentation is available in several formats from a number of sources. You can also read option trading system open source algorithmic Installation instructions to get QuantLib working on your computer.

If you need to ask a question, subscribe to our mailing list and post it there. Before doing that, though, you might want to look at the FAQ and check if it was already answered. Open an issue on GitHub ; if you have a patch, open a pull request instead. Just fork our repository on GitHub and start coding instructions are here.

Please have a look at our developer intro and guidelines. Here is the QuantLib licensethe list of contributorsand the version history. The project page on Sourceforge is available at this link. The QuantLib option trading system open source algorithmic is aimed at providing a comprehensive software framework for quantitative finance.

An AAD-enabled version is also available. See the extensions page for details. Appreciated by quantitative analysts and developers, it is intended for academics and practitioners alike, eventually promoting a stronger interaction between them. QuantLib offers tools that are useful both for practical implementation and for advanced modeling, with features such as market conventions, yield curve models, solvers, PDEs, Monte Carlo low-discrepancy includedexotic options, VAR, and so on.

The library could be exploited across different research and regulatory institutions, banks, software companies, and so on. The QuantLib license is a modified BSD license suitable for use in both free software and proprietary applications, imposing no constraints at all on the use of the library. A few companies have committed significant resources to the development of this library; notably StatProa leading international risk-management provider, where the QuantLib project was born.

Get QuantLib Head to our download page to get the latest official release, or check out the latest development version from our git repository. Documentation Documentation is available in several formats from a number of sources. More info Here is the QuantLib licensethe list of contributorsand the version history. Finance is an area where well-written open-source projects could make a tremendous difference: However, to get there, one is currently forced to re-invent the wheel every time.

Even standard decade-old models, such as Black-Scholes, still lack a public robust implementation. By designing and building these tools in the open, QuantLib will both encourage peer review of the tools themselves, and demonstrate how this ought to be done for scientific and commercial software.

Open standards are the only fair way for science and technology to option trading system open source algorithmic. Students could master a library that is actually option trading system open source algorithmic in the real world and contribute to it in a meaningful way. This would potentially place them in a privileged position on the job market.

Researchers would have a framework at hand, which vastly reduces the amount of low-level work necessary to build models, so to be able to focus on more complex and interesting problems. Regulatory institutions may have a tool for standard pricing and risk management practices.

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We are interested in strategic partnerships with data vendors and brokerage firms. SmartQuant financial data analysis and trading framework can serve as a quantitative research, trading strategy development, backtesting, optimization and automation platform supplementing data and execution services provided by our partners.

Please contact us at info smartquant. Portara is a trading technology application that wraps itself around the whole of CQG Datafactory databases and allows the extraction of continuous back-adjusted data down to the 1 minute resolution.

Portara has the largest reach of data access globally covering all futures FX and cash market exchanges. View Portara's extensive databases Accessibility: Portara infrastructure has been built in collaboration with CQG to solve the huge cost burden associated typically with institutional database modelling of this nature.

Data is from inception for Daily - for 1 minute bar. Portara has many of the world's top CTA's, banks and hedge funds who have provided testimonials and have Portara integrated into their daily trading solutions. Portara has partnered with SmartQuant so that professional traders hedge funds and institutional trading groups can combine a verifiable world-class data source into the SmartQuant framework.

Lightspeed Trading offers clients access to our proprietary order execution system, Lightspeed Trader, real time risk and margin management tools, equity and option market data scanners, and a high frequency equity DMA infrastructure. Lightspeed Trading delivers cost effective equity and option order execution combined with fast and reliable market quotes through its robust quote infrastructure and proprietary order management system. The Institutional Division of Lightspeed Trading supports professional traders, funds, institutions, and separately managed accounts by providing a complete suite of technology, Regulation T and portfolio margin leverage, access to our agency-only trade desk, as well as execution and clearing services.

Offices are located in both New York and Chicago, and remote access to all products is available. Clients have long recognized the value of Lightspeed Trading's customized approach.

The client experience perfectly balances robust and flexible technology solutions with focused, experienced, and high touch service. Open E Cry provides technology and support for retail traders, introducing brokers, institutional clients and system traders. Open E Cry is one of the futures industry's premier online brokerage firms offering the OEC Trader as the flagship order entry platform with free quotes, free charts advanced orders and no software fees.

Patsystems provides traders with industry-leading technology: Fast, reliable, secure electronic systems that ensure global connectivity from a single screen.

The platform offers comprehensive risk management, superior customer support, order routing to electronic and open outcry exchanges, as well as matching and settlement through the Patsystems Matching Engine. Futures and options brokers worldwide distribute Patsystems' technology to thousands of end users. They range from independent traders and arcades up to large financial institutions and global brands. Interactive Brokers, a global electronic brokerage firm, provides professional traders, financial advisors, brokers and institutions low cost execution and clearing services for stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds.

Commissions are as follows: The PhotonTrader futures trading platform and trading modules were developed with the serious Future Trader's mentality in order to provide you with an electronic trading experience that is fast, secure, and customizable, to reflect your specific trading goals, and to ensure that your online orders are first in, first executed.

Connamara was an initial collaborator in the creation of QuickFIX and continues to contribute to the enhancements and maintenance of the engine.

Finam provides the entire range of services needed for effective investments in both Russia and on international markets.