FUT Transfer Market Access on Web and Companion App

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September binary options demo account android, 2: Hello The market unlocks with EA Access? I wanted to play on the web app, It was the first year that I would play without problems even though I have been playing sinceand It doesn't let me in In a group of 9 friends, none of us have access to Transfer Market It is just unfair What's the point in that? Not to mention all the people who can access the transfer market right now will then price fix players when the full game is released.

My friend has only been playing Fifa UT since Fifa 14 and can access the market but I've been playing it since Fifa 09 when it was released as a DLC package and yet I can't use the market? September 21, 3: EA is the worst company ever. Ea just don't want people to trade.

Tbh trading puts the prices up for everyone. I'm not even going to bother this year. The lack of respect EA can have for its own player base is absolutely unbelievable and scandalous. Denying the majority of us paying and loyal customers access to the transfer market.

Seeing the huge head-start people are getting makes me online trading fifa 14 game. This isn't something that can be unlocked manually either on the forums or via the support team, you would need to wait until you're able to get into the full game. Because our system changes from time to time there isn't one way to unlock access.

EA, this is stupid. Servers could have been tested weeks ago through betas etc so they were ready for launch, should be everyone or no one allowed on transfer market, absolute joke. Every single answer you've given so far simply says what the solution is, i.

Everyone understands that part by now even if not agreeing. A better answer would be an explanation of WHY it is the case and how it was determined who gets access. You have to realize that such an explanation is the least we should be expecting That feeling of having access to the market and reading here others with tears down their faces having no access The feeling of sweet Victory and being see as online trading fifa 14 game by ea Please join me with this toast to other special people like me online trading fifa 14 game access to the market And not give 2 shiny fifa coins how the ones who have no access feel.

The reality is that pretty much all of us are going to get the game, and probably have already pre-ordered it so there isn't a huge amount we can do as consumers. I had pre-ordered the Icon edition. I have cancelled that and ordered the standard edition instead. I'm not going to spite myself by refusing to order the game and a online trading fifa 14 game of decent weekend leagues in and I won't really notice the difference online trading fifa 14 game few loan players and 15k packs make. September 21, 4: Saddens to see my fellow brethren unable to use the web app happened to me last year I know how sucky it is.

This is very bad!!! For my country fifa 18 costs too much! For example if the fifa costssalary in our country is around our money - leva So I gived that lv and now my transfer market is locked?!? EA, do you think this is good for your reputation? I really love fifa and that is so nervous when the web app is online trading fifa 14 game unusable!!!

A friend who deleted him club and was with 0 matches in new one can access the market! I had online trading fifa 14 game too much. Please explane to us what is going on. So the online trading fifa 14 game trend is accounts with a history of trading and playing loads of games have it locked but non traders and people who play not as much have it unlocked except some youtubers and a few that got through the net. Same old BS EA tactics by the sound of things.

I would be angrier but I didn't pre-order it and probably won't bother with it anymore. A good software developer learns from their mistakes This exact thing happened last year and is back here again. What a wonderful way how to kick off a new game, thumbs up EA.

Feels good to be on the right side of the fence for once. Last time I lost so much online trading fifa 14 game to not being able to use the WebApp. No fix to this? I've played on the console and it's still locked on online trading fifa 14 game web app. High percentage of players seem to have no Web App market access. Sign In or Register to comment. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

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