Export/Import Certificate (EIC)

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To succeed globally business owners, staff, employees and managers must be trained to understand international trade - this Program will produce managers and personnel who have a learn international trade finance broker understanding of international trade, are equipped with knowledge and skill to help a business to succeed internationally. It deals with marketing concepts and tools, and explains effective marketing concepts and strategies to use to enter target markets.

It examines pricing, transport and logistics, currency, documentation and insurance, and international law regarding contracts; and it gives a learn international trade finance broker, helpful and comprehensive foundation into the requirements of successful import and export.

This study and training also provides routes into a wide range of marketing, product development, logistics and many other fields and career areas. Related studies and studies in similar fields are provided by CIC, allowing room for further knowledge and understanding of this important and interesting subject and related areas. The Study Period is one year 12 months but this is flexible; the Diploma can be completed in a shorter period, or you can take longer if necessary.

An international accredited qualification for professional development and career success showing you have substantial skills, competence and knowledge. The reasons for conducting overseas business and trade. Defining import and export; the aims and risks. International sales; production and make or buy decisions. International trade for learn international trade finance broker and medium sized companies; acquisitions and mergers.

Learn international trade finance broker development, international companies and strategy, global markets. Considerations of product fit, product promotions. Market research, social, political, legal and economic factors; competition analysis. Macro factors, communication and cultural factors. Barriers to entry, import controls, licences; quality and safety; packaging and labelling.

Routes to market; direct and indirect marketing: Business finance; fixed and variable costs, economies of scale. Budgets, break-even analysis, accounting and financial checks and ratios. Export costing, pricing and global sales, incoterms. Contracts, the offer, terms and conditions, acceptance, breaches of contracts. Customs documentation and procedures, tariffs and bonded warehousing. The bill of lading; types, variations and features. Methods of payment, bills of exchange, currency and exchange rates, letters of credit, pricing.

Financing international trade; short, medium, long term options; forfait, factoring, leasing, premiums. Suppliers, partners, support organisations, export management companies, chambers of commerce. The export marketing plan, format and content, its importance.

Your CIC Fee includes: The Guide includes detailed advice on how to answer Tests and Examinations. Note, CIC arranges Examinations in over a hundred countries worldwide for thousands of Members every year; it is a flexible, straightforward process and will be arranged when YOU are ready to write your Examination. Newsletters with details of special offers and new Programs and much more; and Competition Forms; by email and post. Sign up to this course Payment Options: Please select a payment option British Pounds:

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