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In order to fulfill this role, MC seeks to improve the level of its response to markets and the service it provides to customers by restructuring its operations beyond the traditional commodity-based approach to include trading functions, thereby strengthening its operations overall. MC named the new subsidiary company RtM International due to its objective of realizing sustainable growth over the medium to long term through capacity enhancement which enables it to effectively bridge the gap between producers and end-users and to add value to the whole supply chain.

Unimetals is a trading company which currently specializes in non-ferrous metals, including Aluminum Metals and Alloys, Copper, Tin, Lead, Zinc, Ferro Alloys, Rare Metals and Rare Earth, Heat Exchanger Materials, Non-Ferrous Products, Store, Housing and Building Materials, but will, with effect from April 1,expand its business portfolio by integrating the aforementioned businesses, and the company name will be changed.

Restructuring operations beyond the traditional commodity-based approach to include trading functions is expected to result in the strengthening of operations and the level of support provided to customers within the Japanese market.

Date of Resolution of the Board of Directors regarding the absorption-type company split. There will be no allotment of shares in relation to this global metal trading company sri lanka split. There will be no decrease in capital global metal trading company sri lanka as a result of this company split. All rights and obligations in relation to global metal trading company sri lanka metals resources trading businesses to be transferred from the Split Company to the Successor Company will be assumed by the Successor Company.

There are no concerns about the fulfillment of obligations by the Successor Company after the effective date of the company split. Through these business groups, MC provides services to customers around the world in virtually every industry. Global metal trading company sri lanka sales from the businesses to be transferred for the last two fiscal years are as follow.

This is an English translation of the document originally prepared in Japanese for the purpose of disclosure to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In the event of any discrepancies between the contents of the Japanese and English versions, the content of the Japanese document shall take precedence. Inquiry Recipient Mitsubishi Corporation Telephone: Date of conclusion of absorption-type company split agreement. Scheduled effective date of company split.

Mitsubishi Corporation Unimetals Ltd. Number of shares of common stocks issued. Japan Trustee Services Bank 7. Financial Result for the year ended March, Japanese yen. Net Asset per share. Net Income per share. Net Unrealized Gain etc.

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