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There are four different trading accounts at BinaryOption. The basic differences in the accounts are the amount of amount of time spent with a senior broker, which lessons are available to them and the bonus rate of return on every trade. The Mini account allows for one Senior Broker session of 20 minutes per week and lessons 1 and 2. There is no additional rate of return. The Silver fishing strip binary trading strategy offers two Senior Broker sessions of 20 minutes per week, lessons and a 2 percent bonus on each trade.

In addition, Platinum account holders receive 1 Risk free trade Up to 1K every month they hold on fishing strip binary trading strategy their Platinum account.

All account holders pay No Commissions, have full access to all of the instrument types: Support and assistance are provided 24 hours a day. This ensures the guaranteed fairness of pricing regardless of the way the market moves with no spread or commission on purchases. It offers customers the freedom to close out trades before the scheduled expiry whether the trade is or is not currently profitable. A trader can enter an unlimited amount of options at any given time. The Education Center at BinaryOption is full of high level instructional material which is offered fishing strip binary trading strategy all account holders.

The video section is divided into beginners, advanced and platform lessons. In depth textual lessons are also provided for both beginners fishing strip binary trading strategy advanced traders. Additional courses offered cover a number of topics—growth, crisis, interest, inflation and others.

There is also an economic calendar with up-to-date financial events planned throughout the world. A deposit may be made with a wide range of credit and debit cards, Electronic Payment or by a bank wire transfer. Withdrawal requests are processed by BinaryOption back to the original source of funding. If the withdrawal request value exceeds the amount deposited by a credit card, the difference will be allocated by bank wire transfer. Email correspondence is also available as is online Chat.

The website is easy to fishing strip binary trading strategy and the topics are well placed and logical. I was disappointed that there was only one bonus program in addition to the Refer-a-Friend promotion but was pleased with the vast array of educational material.

Accounts There are four different trading accounts at BinaryOption. Features BinaryOption is the only trading platform that allows customers to choose both or either side of a single purchase price across all instruments. Education The Education Center at BinaryOption is full of high level instructional material which is offered fishing strip binary trading strategy all account holders.

There are also ebooks for advanced and beginners. Conclusion BinaryOption is a well-rounded binary option broker.

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