How Ottawa trader rebounded from a stinging early loss

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Did they tell you how much trading costs are going to be? Because that will eat into your profits. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

Yeah, I forgot to ask who foots day trading canada forum transaction costs, us or them. But the guy did say that they use a propriety system…. Ask if there is a capital contribution. If there is, run. Day trading canada forum at my man Former Trader for more info. Agree that you should avoid firms that require capital commitment.

Also, ask them what their turnover rate is. Some people make A LOT of money. But I am thinking, like itera is saying, that I will have to cover the trading costs from my gains: I do remember a discussion on the various trading costs each shop day trading canada forum.

You should be able to dig around and compare what differnt day trading canada forum charge you for. I worked for day trading canada forum reputable prop firm trading futures, not Nasdaq stocks. I had no capital to contribute nor did I have to pay for training. Desk fees bloomberg terminal, trading software and trading fees were taken from our profits.

Compensation varies big time. I worked with people that made 8 figures on the high end and others that made peanuts. Our group started on fire the first few years but 10 years later I believe there is only traders still in the game from the 25 originally hired. That explains a lot. Your experiences sounds a lot like mine would be with this firm. Hey former trader, got any advice for me? Any seasoned warrior advice for me? Any seasoned warrior advice for a fresh starter?

If you have a bad trade, step aside and take a walk. The temptation is to get right back in. Markets will be open tomorrow and a century from now. No need to rush back in to make back what you just lost. When you have a position on, you have a biased view. Markets can be irrational longer than you can be solvent.

Live to fight another day. You will go through slumps…limit the damage. I gotta give it to you. Just passed 1 yr experience. Do you want to drop your email and ill msg u after cfa exam. Would love to find out day trading canada forum experience of the prop world. I think I would love prop trading but realistically I seriously question the sustainability of the business, chances for having a profitable career, and the luck to be under the right wing.

It also severely hurts exit opportunities from what I understand. Very early in my career I gave prop trading a go, left a good entry-level position straight out of college to join a prop shop. Could you make a profit today, sure. Certainly would be tough to run an arbitrage strategy with this type of competition for order fills.

I did great my first 2 years. I basically broke even the next 2 years. We were cannibalizing each other; most people in the office were in the same trades at the same time.

Do you do technical and fundamental analysis independently or day trading canada forum it simply a trade and see approach? I was trading futures equity indices, bond indices, currencies. Full discretion using a bit of everything.

Ryan you still around? Any updated for us? E-mail me if you get this: Are there any arbitrage day trading canada forum still available for day traders? Just as an example, Former Trader, you traded futures. You then compare that with a regular future contract and look for price discrepencies to capitalize on.

If so HFT and quants run this arena. You can profit in other areas beside arbitrage. Momentum plays a huge game in trading. Skip to main content. Be prepared with Kaplan Schweser. Home Forums Careers How is it working as a day trader? Any input, any former traders out there? It is the best forum. Turnover will surely be sky high. If it seems like a boiler room operation run. Because there are many of them out there. I was a momentum trader not arbitrage.

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