Physical Commodities Trainee Traders

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At ACT Commodities, we believe that investing in raw talent benefits everyone long term. Therefore, all of our new sales traders participate in a personalized Traineeship program.

The Traineeship teaches all of our new recruits commodities trader trainee knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful trading business. If you succeed, we succeed. From day one we go the extra mile to ensure that success happens throughout your career at ACT Commodities.

Personally tailored Because every trainee has their own unique personality, we tailor our Traineeships to each individual. Training at ACT Commodities is created to bring out the best in each person, addressing identified learning objectives to set up all of our rising stars for the best possible future. Structured program The ACT Commodities Traineeship consists of a structured 4-phase program which optimizes learning by building up competencies at a manageable pace.

Commodities trader trainee and market knowledge, together with commercial, social and creative skills are covered in-depth via training with internal and external experts.

Regular reviews with management and among peers track progress from every commodities trader trainee to ensure consistent and continuous all-round development. Recruits in our Amsterdam and New York offices get to meet each other and compare experiences when the New York based recruits come to Amsterdam for part of their apprenticeship. The end result is comprehensive knowledge, well-practiced skills and the confidence to trade successfully. On-the-job experience During the Traineeship, our new recruits receive a competitive base salary and are immediately able to start building their businesses.

Conducting relevant market research and developing strategies for client pitches are all part of learning the ropes. Trainees immediately become members of a trading desk and can start contacting potential clients as soon as they feel ready. Experience shows that Trainees manage to start a successful trade book before their Traineeship is completed. Continual development After a successful completion of the Traineeship and extension of contract, the ACT Commodities Performance Cycle commodities trader trainee in to ensure continued development.

This includes regularly commodities trader trainee meetings for reviewing performance, results and competencies, along with setting targets. At a later stage, employees have the opportunity to participate in the Human Element workshop.

This course is an intensive 3. Human Element is a follow-up program commodities trader trainee the 3-day training Radical Collaboration workshop, which is completed during the Traineeship.

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