How is your experience with ‘renting’ trading strategies on sites like Collective2?

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ZuluTrade offers a free day Demo account with virtually all the features of a live account. Signing up is quick and easy and, whilst 30 days might be a bit short, the demo account should get you comfortable with the platform. Unlike many of the more integrated social trading networks, ZuluTrade supports over 40 brokers, one of which being their own integrated solution AAAFx. Signing up via a broker does make the process that bit more cumbersome, however it also allows investors with existing brokerage accounts to easily link a new account via their existing broker.

Another great feature when signing up to ZuluTrade is the ability to filter brokers based on minimum deposit, mobile support etc. ZuluTrade also recently added login via Facebook, which is really convenient for those who regularly log in to check their account.

The Collective2 vs zulutrade brokers copy platform is full featured to collective2 vs zulutrade brokers the least collective2 vs zulutrade brokers generally works without a glitch.

The platform is very intuitive and searching for the best traders Signal Providers to follow is easy thanks to the multitude of filters hidden in the advanced section. The simulator shows overall profit, alerts you if a margin call occurred and even allows you to download a spreadsheet of all the simulated trades. Furthermore, the ZuluTrade platform includes some very good charts, a comprehensive and easy to understand financial calendar, an easy to use manual trading interface and a very comprehensive account history.

ZuluTrade is free to join and you only pay the spread on trades. Some brokers will also charge an additional commission on top collective2 vs zulutrade brokers the spread, so careful consideration should be given when choosing a broker. The top performers on ZuluTrade do very collective2 vs zulutrade brokers, but the ranking system seldom sees the same traders at the top long.

One of our main gripes with ZuluTrade is the way traders Signal Providers are compensated. Traders are only paid for profitable months and these profits are calculated on closed trades only and not unrealised profit open tradeswhich can lead to traders not closing closings positions in fear of ending the month without a profit.

ZuluTrade does not integrate collective2 vs zulutrade brokers any social media networks, apart from signing in to your account, but the community is very active and investors are encouraged to communicate with traders. These settings include everything from manual stops, limits, max open trades and even slippage, collective2 vs zulutrade brokers work with the portfolio simulator to help you fine tune them.

The ZuluTrade website offers some mediocre support guides compared to the likes of eTorobut the forum is very active and most topics not covered in the support guides are discussed and answered on there. As for direct support, ZuluTrade offers both email support and live chat with very helpful and knowledgeable advisors 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and also has local phone support in a number of countries.

Pros Very good platform and interface Lots of traders to copy Excellent risk management for both experienced and inexperienced investors Free full featured demo account Very low fees and minimum slippage on their own broker AAAFx.

Cons No integrated broker Trader compensation model not the best for investors. In keeping with the full-featured approach of the ZuluTrade platform, the risk management options is vast and can be toggled between auto and custom settings, catering for both the more casual or inexperienced investor and experienced investors alike.

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