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You can visit www. We offer on-demand streaming of previously recorded continuing education programs from the Florida Dental Convention. You can access these programs at any time via the internet 60 ce broker discount code unlimited access from the time of registration. Watch the program with streaming video ce broker discount code view the course materials onscreen. You can also download and print the available materials for future reference. At the end you can print out a certificate for your records.

As an added benefit, your credits will be posted to CE Broker the first Friday of every month. To log-in to take the courses, use your FDA email address and Password1 as the password.

View the available courses, course description and speaker bios. Quickly report missing CE. Check your compliance status anytime. Know when your requirements are fully met. Find approved educational providers. Receive important notifications from your regulating agency. Permanently back up your reported documents. Access your account through our FREE apps. Review all past course info in your Course History. Digitally Store all your certificates.

You must renew you license by mail for the following reasons: To renew by mail, you must properly log into www. FAQs - Continuing Education. Expand all Collapse all. The deadline to renew your license for the biennium is midnight on February 28, We recommend you do not wait until the deadline to renew.

Direct link ce broker discount code the CE broker: All dentists who hold an active sedation permit of any ce broker discount code must complete four 4 hours of continuing education in airway management and four 4 hours of continuing education in medical emergencies, every four 4 years from the last date the dentist took the continuing education course. The four 4 hours in airway management must include two hours didactic training in providing dentistry on sedated patients with compromised airways and two hours must include hands-on training in airway management of sedated patients.

The continuing education must be taken through a board approved continuing education ce broker discount code. Must be Board approved. Due every third biennium beginning July 1, and are includedin the 30 hours required. Required to have a current CPR Certification and it must be a livecourse.

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The first quarter of has flown by, which means there are only 2 months left to renew your Florida psychologist license by May 31st. Here is a quick reminder of your requirements:. We report course completions for you. Valid on future orders only. Your certificate of completion will be dated the day you submit the course evaluation.

Florida psychologists have an upcoming license renewal deadline of May 31, Florida psychologists can earn all 40 hours for renewal through online courses offered pdresources. Coupon valid on future orders only and must be applied at checkout to redeem. Otherwise, enter promo code PDR before payment information to add.

Over online courses for Florida psychologists available pdresources. We report to CE Broker for you. New Online CE Course pdresources. The purpose of this course is to ensure that Florida-licensed psychologists are fully aware of the ethical and legal privileges and constraints under which they are licensed to practice in the State of Florida. It provides the opportunity for a comprehensive reading of the APA Code of Ethics and the three sets of statutes and rules governing the practice of psychology in Florida.

Completing this course will fulfill the requirement that licensed psychologists in Florida complete each biennial renewal period three hours of continuing education on professional ethics and Florida statutes and rules affecting the practice of psychology.

Case examples are included in this course for the purpose of illustrating the types of practices errors that occur in real life and their real consequences for clients. Licensing board complaints are a matter of public record. Nevertheless, the case reports outlined are included only for the purpose of illustrating the kinds of errors that occur in the practice of psychology and therefore contain no specifics like names, dates, or case numbers.

All 40 hours may be obtained through online courses provided by APA-approved sponsors. The current license renewal cycle will end on May 31, Click here to learn more. While clients can seek the help of a psychotherapist for numerous reasons, one thing that all clients face is adversity. Whether in their own lives, or within the training program itself, adversity and setbacks are inevitable. And how clients handle adversity often colors not just their ability to move past it, but also their success in therapy.

Packed with the most recent data on post-traumatic growth, behavioral economics, and evolutionary psychology, this course begins with a look at just what setbacks are and how they affect us. The course then addresses the five core strengths of leveraging adversity — gratitude, openness, personal strength growth mindset , connection, and belief — and provides numerous exercises and skills for clinicians to use with clients.

Included are 25 separate handouts clinicians can give to clients to cement core concepts from the course. Course 92 pages 35 posttest questions. Florida school psychologists have an upcoming license renewal deadline of November 30, Failure to renew an active or inactive license by the expiration date will result in the license being placed in delinquent status. Click here for information on how to renew online.

Florida School Psychologists can earn all 30 hours for renewal through online courses offered by Professional Development Resources. All courses are reported within a few days of completion. Florida-licensed speech-language pathologists SLPs and audiologists have an upcoming license renewal deadline of December 31, All continuing education hours must be reported to CE Broker prior to licensees being able to renew their license.

Florida SLPs can earn all 30 hours required for renewal through board-approved online courses offered pdresources. We report all completions to CE Broker within just a few days. Multiple scenarios of real and potential errors in the practice of speech-language pathology are included, along with recommended strategies for preventing them. Evidence shows that the most effective error prevention occurs when a partnership exists among care facilities, health care professionals, and the patients they treat.

Course 33 pages 14 posttest questions. Executive functioning skills represent a key set of mental assets that help connect past experience with present action.

They are fundamental to performing activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space. Although children with executive functioning difficulties may be at a disadvantage at home and at school, adults can employ many different strategies to help them succeed. Included are techniques for planning and prioritizing, managing emotions, improving communication, developing stress tolerance, building time management skills, increasing sustained attention, and boosting working memory.

Course 76 pages 25 posttest questions. One of the fundamental tools of clinicians who work effectively with children and adolescents is the art of listening.

Without this set of skills, clinicians are likely to miss essential pieces of information their clients are trying to communicate to them, whether with words or with behavior. Appropriate use of listening skills by a clinician can increase self-esteem in young clients and motivate them to learn. Using active listening skills, clinicians become more confident and manage their therapy and counseling sessions with a broader and mutually respectful dialogue.

This course will teach clinicians how to employ innovative and practical communication and conversational skills in their individual and group therapy sessions with clients and their families, as well as in their working relationships with other professionals. Also included are sections on positive thinking and resilience, problem-solving skills, and the communication of emotion. Course 70 pages 20 posttest questions. It will demonstrate the challenges and difficulties that arise from a deficit of these crucial skills, as well as the benefits and advantages that can come about with well-developed social skills.

This course will also provide practical tools that teachers and therapists can employ to guide children to overcome their difficulties in the social realm and gain social competence. While there are hundreds of important social skills for students to learn, we can organize them into skill areas to make it easier to identify and determine appropriate interventions.

This course is divided into 10 chapters, each detailing various aspects of social skills that children, teens, and adults must master to have normative, healthy relationships with the people they encounter every day.

This course provides tools and suggestions that, with practice and support, can assist them in managing their social skills deficits to function in society and nurture relationships with the peers and adults in their lives. Course 62 pages 35 posttest questions. More courses available pdresources. ASHA CE provider approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

The last day of the quarter in which you complete a course is the date that will appear on your ASHA transcript.

We report all completion to CEB within just a few days. Florida-licensed school psychologists have a biennial license renewal deadline of November 30, odd years. The Department of Health will now verify a practitioners continuing education records in the electronic tracking system CE Broker at the time of license renewal.

No limit if APA-approved. Florida school psychologists may earn all 30 hours required for renewal through online courses offered pdresources. We report all course completions to CE Broker on the next business day. Over online courses are available, including:.

Florida-licensed dietitian nutritionists ND and nutrition counselors NC have an upcoming license renewal deadline of May 31, All continuing education requirements must be complete and reported to CE Broker in order to renew on the board website. You can earn up to 20 hours per renewal through online courses PDR. You can take the same required medical errors course each renewal period. Over 50 online courses to choose from! Check our Closeout Sale to save even more on CE:. Professional Development Resources is a nonprofit educational corporation c 3 organized in Our purpose is to provide high quality online continuing education CE courses on topics relevant to members of the healthcare professions we serve.

We strive to keep our carbon footprint small by being completely paperless, allowing telecommuting, recycling, using energy-efficient lights and powering off electronics when not in use. We provide online CE courses to allow our colleagues to earn credits from the comfort of their own home or office so we can all be as green as possible no paper, no shipping or handling, no travel expenses, etc.

Professional Development Resources is also a provider with the Florida Council of Dietetics and Nutrition Provider and is CE Broker compliant all courses are reported within a few days of completion. This course satisfies the medical errors requirement for license renewal of Florida SLPs. Professional Development Resources , Inc.

Enter promotion code RDN at checkout to apply discount. Sale ends midnight March 9, We report all courses to CE Broker within 1 week of completion. First celebrated in , Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day commemorates the dedication of RDNs as advocates for advancing the nutritional status of Americans and people around the world.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to increase the awareness of registered dietitian nutritionists as the indispensable providers of food and nutrition services and to recognize RDNs for their commitment to helping people enjoy healthy lives. Here is a quick reminder of your requirements: Course 55 pages 20 posttest questions Courses also required for renewal of Florida psychologists: Course 92 pages 35 posttest questions Click here to learn more.

Continuing Education CE Info: Course 33 pages 14 posttest questions Executive Functioning: Course 76 pages 25 posttest questions Active Listening: Course 62 pages 35 posttest questions More courses available pdresources. No limit if APA-approved Florida school psychologists may earn all 30 hours required for renewal through online courses offered pdresources.

Over online courses are available, including: Examples include improper diagnosis; breaches of privacy and confidentiality; mandatory reporting requirements; managing dangerous clients; boundary violations and sexual misconduct; the informed consent process; and clinical and cultural competency. There are major new sections on psychotherapy in the digital age, including the use of social networking systems, the practice of teletherapy, and the challenges of maintaining and transmitting electronic records.

Course 28 pages 14 posttest questions. Domestic violence, in the form of child abuse and intimate partner violence, remains a pervasive part of contemporary life in the U.