Creating a Custom Column in a GridView Web Server Control

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Posted 04 Sep Link to this post. I m attaching the final output which is required named "Final output required. I need to display data in a binding columns to gridview where the columns are dynamic. So in order to achieve that I had created two classes, one named rows and other one columns. Finally I bind the collection containing rows with the GridView. My code sample is as binding columns to gridview. Basically what my requirement is to binding columns to gridview dynamic columns as per the Collection of column in Rows.

I tried but it's showing Collection in column. Also i want to inline editing for binding columns to gridview that why using the GridView.

Please check the required output and suggest if there is any other i can use. Posted 08 Sep Link to this post. Posted 20 Jan in reply to Stefan Link to this post. This is probably due to it not knowing the exact data type of the binding columns to gridview. Posted 22 Jan Link to this post.

Posted 11 May in reply to Stefan Link to this post. Posted 16 May Link to this post. Posted 17 May in reply to Stefan Link to this post. To solve this problem I written CellTemplateSelector. Can you provide another solution for problem of getting DataContext for Cell, not for Row inside dataTemplate for cell. Posted 22 Binding columns to gridview Link to this post. Posted 23 Nov in reply to Stefan Link to this post. Posted 28 Nov Link to this post. Posted 09 Mar Link to this post.

Posted 10 Mar in reply to pratibha Link to this post. Posted 14 Mar Link to this post. Binding RadGridView with dynamic column. Cancel The title field is required! Feed for this thread. My code sample is as follows: Posted 08 Sep Link to this post Hello JaspreetMay I suggest you a slightly different approach for this scenario. It consist of using the ExpandoObject class, as you need to define dynamic columns.

Binding columns to gridview your current data structure, the ExpandoObject will binding columns to gridview as a proxy class, so that RadGridView can "understand" to what data type it is bound to. Each IDictionary would represent a row, where its Key is the name of a given column and its Value is the cell content. Then you will need to iterate over your data structure and add the needed columns to each ExpandoObject and finally add it to aforementioned ObservableCollection.

Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans? Do you want to know when a feature you care about is binding columns to gridview or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Feedback Portal and vote to affect the priority of the items.

Thank you for your help. The data engine of RadDataFilter adds its filter operators based on whether a given data type is a string or a numeric type.

Note, that the dynamic type in most cases is treated as it has type object. You can take a look at the Using Type dynamic article for more information. So, in such scenarios only the default filter operators are being added and unfortunately, providing a workaround for this scenario would not be possible. Feel free to contact us should you have any other questions on our controls. All the best, Stefan X1 Telerik Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans? I want to create binding columns to gridview grouping header, with structure based on data from ViewModel.

How does it better to create this header? Moreover, they do not expose a public setter. So, a possible solution would be to implement an attached behavior and handle the required operations through it. I hope this helps. Try UI for Xamarina suite of polished and feature-rich components for the Xamarin framework, which allow you to write beautiful native mobile apps using a single shared C codebase.

Posted 17 May in reply to Stefan Link to this post Hi! I need to customize cells by cells dataContext. Also, this seems to differentiate from the topic regarding which this thread was initially opened. Note, that we try to keep our support discussions consistent. With this in mind, I would kindly encourage you to open a new support thread and describe your requirement in it and the need to set the DataContext of the cell binding columns to gridview such manner.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Posted 23 Nov in reply to Stefan Link to this post How would I add a combobox with values to the expando object's value?

Or is this not possible and if not what would you propose? Generally speaking, we do not have examples for ExpandoObject in particular, but we have a demo with DynamicObject implementation for RadGridView. The approach for using an ExpandoObject should be basically the same. Can you please check this out?

Posted 09 Mar Link to this post Hello Telerik team, is there any demo code for binding RadGridview with dynamic column? Can you please take a look binding columns to gridview it? Do you meet any specific difficulties with these examples?

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Artikel GridView - Overview of different ways to bind data to columns Category: Introduction This article will give you an overview of different ways to specify the columns of a GridView. It won't discuss different ways to bind Data e. Using the AutoGenerateColumns property to render all columns of the bound dataobject.

Specify which columns should be displayed, by adding BoundColumns to the Columns property. If you want to follow this article step-by-step, this is how you can do it: Create a new Asp. I have created a sample class, that will be used for this entire article. Insert this class into your project: OnInit e ; if!

The first way I will present you, is to let the columns be autogenerated by the GridView. The GridView creates a column for each property in our dataobject. The second way to create the columns allows to explicitly define, which columns should be displayed, how they look and in which order they are displayed.

A slight disadvantage that comes with this, is that designing the GridView the way you want costs time but not that much. In order to specify the columns we need to set the AutoGeneratedColumns property to false. The third way I will present you, is to use TemplateFields.

In a TemplateField you can specify per column, which control should be rendered for which Display-Mode. This is done by several sub-properties of the TemplateField property: Template that is used, if the GridView is in the Display-Mode, or if no template is specyfied for the current mode the GridView. This article focuses on the ItemTemplate. As I've said, a TemplateField gives us more flexibility.

Let's assume we want to display a link to a user profile, but only, if the user isn't banned. Otherwise we will display the ban reason. Format "User is banned. And from the Data Base But Still Its Nice Work. Jawed Aba Ali - Can you tell me how to add dynamic hyper links in the grid view. Suppose in my database i have a table called Project in that i have column called project name. I want to display ProjectName as a hyper link.

Can u explain how to add Hyperlinks in gridview. It is really helpful. Thanks for the explanation. Hitesh Bhatia - This is very nice. I would love to learn some topics in your words. Well composed topic, clear and concise, Stay The Course Man! Add a comment due to recent massive spam, I've decided to only display new comments after a manual spam check: