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Upgrade to Cram Premium Close. Study your flashcards anywhere! How to study your flashcards. Show hint 3rd side. Read text to speech. Card Range To Study through. Do the properties of an element change when it combines with another element to form a compound? Yes; when elements combine with other elements, a compound is created.

Each compound is unique and contains properties different from those of the elements that compose it. How would the world be different if elements did not combine to form compounds? Life could not exist with just 91 different elements if they did not combine to form compounds. It takes compounds in all of their diversity to make living organisms. What is the law of constant composition? All samples of a given compound have the same proportions of their constituent elements.

This was discovered by Joseph Proust. What is a chemical formula? A chemical formula indicates the elements present in the compound and the relative number of atoms of each. In a chemical formula which elment is listed first? The more metallic element is usually listed first. In a chemical formula how do you calculate the number of atoms of an element within parenthesis?

To determine the total number of each type of atom within the parentheses multiply the subscript outside the parentheses by the subscript for each atom inside the parentheses. What is the difference between a molecular element and an atomic element? List the elements that occur as diatomic molecules. An atomic element is one that exists in nature with a single atom as the basic unit. A molecular element is one that exists as a diatomic molecule as the basic unit. What is the difference between an ionic compound and a molecular compound.

Molecular compounds are compounds with 2 or more nonmetals. An ionic compound is a compound that forms when a metal and one or more nonmetals combine. What is the difference between a common name for a compound and a systematic name? The systematic name can be directly derived by looking at the compound's formula.

The common name for a compound acts like a nickname and can only be learned through familiarity. List the metals that form Type I ionic compounds. What are the group numbers of these metals? Find the block in the periodic table of elements that tend to form Type II ionic compounds.

The block that contains the elements for Type II compounds is known as the transition metals. What is the basic form for the names of Type I binary ionic compounds? Name of metal base of nonmetal plus -ide. What is the basic form for the names of Type II ionic compounds? Why are numbers neded in the names of Type II ionic compounds? Because the total charge of the compound has to remain neutral. How are compounds containing a polyatomic ion named? Polyatomic ions have to be recognized so study the flashcards on polyatomic ions.

What is the basic form for the names of molecular compounds? The form for naming molecular compounds is to have the first element preceded by a prefix to indicate the number of atoms present. This is then followed by the second element with its corresponding prefix and -ide placed on the end of the second element. And what are the prefixes?

Mono-1 Di-2 tri-3 tetra-4 penta-5 Hexa What is the basic form for the names of binary acids? Finally, the word acid follows the first word. Example HCl hydrocloric acid. Usually hydrogen is written first. Characterized by their sour taste and ability to dissolve some metals.

What is the basic form for the name of oxyacids whose oxyanions end with -ate? Oxyacids are those derived from polyatomic ions. What is the basic form for the name of the oxyacids whose oxyanions end with ite?

Example H2SO3 sulfurous acid. They are composed of hydrogen, usually written first in their formula, and one or more nonmetals written second. Those that exist in nature with single atoms as their base units. Most elements fall into this category. Contain only hydrogen and a nonmetal. The smallest electrically neutral collection of ions. They do not exist as discrete entities but, rather as part of a larger lattice.

One metal and one or more nonmetals. Compounds formed from 2 or more nonmetals. Do not normally exist in nature with single atoms as their basic unit. Instead they exist as diatomic molecules--two atoms of that element bonded together as their basic units.

Acids derived from oxyanions found in the table of polyatomic ions. Anions that contain oxygen. Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association Claim your access. Ready To Get Started? Discover Create Flashcards Mobile Apps.

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