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Place the graph in the range E3: Your Dynamic Chart allows you to change the Bond Price inputs and instantly see the impact on a graph of the price of a coupon bond and par bond by time to maturity. There is a tight connection between all of the inputs and output to annuity valuation.

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This write-up commitment put on you some of the big steps that you difficulty to do in pronouncement to tolerate caution of your video games.

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Behind any organized group is someone doing emotional labor to keep the whole thing together. It led to talking about the kinds of people who you run into. Some folks are more than one of these at once, most people shift between them over time.

This person is the life of the party, and may or may not also be the heart and soul. Quieter people may end up disliking this person intensely if they feel pushed down by them rather than uplifted. Can lend a sense of organization to a disorganized group because they want everything to be orderly, tidy, and efficient. Can also drive everyone else insane. Even the things that should, sometimes. This person is usually pretty quiet and sometimes sees way more than they realize.

This person falls into two distinct categories: You almost certainly want one of these folks around, or it will be your job to be the things explainer. Can have a chilling effect on community chat if they have a tendency to take up all the oxygen in the room by being more of a know-it-all information gatekeeper well, actually… than a helpful encyclopedia did you know that….

Usually real quietly on the cutting edge of content, probably knows the fight before you even explain it. Can be polarizing, especially for similarly achievement-minded folks who are also on often. Almost certainly an omnicrafter, regardless of how many alts this takes.

Might spend hours a day playing the auction house. Might be meticulously mapping resource nodes. Might be tooling around with their UI mod. Might be a devoted roleplayer. Might be levelling 30 alts. Might be all of these things at once.

Your raid core might be the heart of the guild, these folks are often the soul. These are the people who have a bankful of consumables just because, or can help people get caught up with their pet collecting, or are just happy to hang around and chat. Often loves being a second-stringer in a raid, hopping in when needed but not committed. Kind of like Side Projects, but more focused and more driven in specific directions.

Pay close attention to this person, and cut them out mercilessly if you have to. On the other hand, if this person is also Side Projects or sometimes a Collector, i. Your Devotees will resent that these folks come in and leave, but this is a sort of elemental force. Get ready to force this person to take loot while they insist despite being multiple tiers behind that someone else needs it more. Do this by convincing them that in order to support the group, they need gear upgrades too.

One of these people is amazing, and is active, helpful, and constantly moving onward and upward. Sometimes the Backpack is full of rocks, dragging your group down and contributing nothing. Gaming, and the groups that go with it, take a backseat to their life schedule and whatever they want to be doing.

They might have legitimate reasons for wanting to cram as much enjoyment out of their playtime as possible. Trying to keep up with this person will exhaust you, unless you are also this person, in which case pay attention to who in the group is exhausted by this person.

They can be a heavy drain on your group, and your own energy. Great for making people feel happy, everyone likes some positivity, but can and will be frustrating for people with legitimate complaints.

Nothing is perfect, and pretending like it is can be just as harmful as obsessing over small flaws. If this person is your guild leader, be wary of the guild detonating dramatically at some point, because below-the-surface issues are probably going unaddressed until they go critical.

If they open up, they will often become the best kind of Things Explainer. Constant competition will annoy other people, and constantly wanting praise will annoy other people even more. Sometimes you can turn the competitive thing into an inward-focused drive for self-improvement, where instead of praise they desire feedback, but this is kind of rare and is kind of precarious. Almost all of the ones I can think of and find also set you and your team against another entity of some form.

Oftentimes, as in games like Divinity: Original Sin, Left4Dead, almost all MMOs, and similar, that entity is an explicit opposing force— some great monster or enemy faction or villain of some flavor. In other cases as in a game like Mansions of Madness, Pandemic, or The Secret World , the opposing entity is more vague, an unknown that you have to give shape to before fighting. Consider that these are the cooperative games, the ones in which you are ostensibly working together.

Well, judging from the obsession with it in storytelling, it teaches us that heroic sacrifices are some kind of ideal, rather than a costly pyrrhic victory. It teaches us to identify opponents before identifying allies, and often to distrust allies, who by some quirk of AI or differing tactics or player skill are unreliable unknowns.

If there is no opponent, we create one. Likely half of you are rolling your eyes and saying this is an overreaction; the other half are nodding along.

What fascinates me about this kind of thing is that it has very clear parallels elsewhere. I think this is a false dichotomy— the two feed one another. I talked with someone years ago who genuinely could not understand why someone would play a singleplayer game. The hops were fairly straightforward: Each step along his path taught her about some new behavioral pattern, until his behavior changed entirely.

At the same time, when an opposing force does surface, we come together rapidly and effectively, because it gives us an opportunity to define ourselves. I wonder, then— what if games taught us to define ourselves in other ways? This might be interesting for me to look back on later, too. Smoke and ashfall where I live is distressing. Monsoons in south Asia are devastating, the hurricane s! Information is one thing; we can communicate what we know. I can imagine a person from today with some basic modern data collection tools flashing back even a hundred years and putting them to use.

That person would look like a prophet, just acting on simple behavioral data. I think about trying to spend some time living in another country, just to get a feel for how differently people think. I look forward to more from both. Unlocking our guild hall and working towards that is really fun. The easy one is the Tokyo subway. More interesting to me, though, is seeing how P5 has quickly and effectively taught me about judging people, and then letting my opinions change.

It teaches you not to trust people early on. I started out hating him. Then we meet Futaba. Then Futaba makes an offhanded comment and a theory clicks into place. Flash back to my entire series of interactions with Yusuke at this point, and I realize how consistent this has been.

This is on me. The applications of this in my actual life are beyond count. Good communication is a skill, not an inherent trait shared by all people of some level of competence. Like many skills, some people will have a much, much harder time developing them. The same is true of communication for other people. Good management is a form of good communication, which is a skill, that not everyone has. P5 has a lot for me to unpack. It baits me a lot with things, suggesting I make a snap judgement about them, but sometimes proves that those snap judgements are correct.

The lesson feels like an interesting balance between making the snap judgements and being open to having them changed, which I think is a lot harder than only doing one or the other. Long hiatus, back now. A thing about me: I usually default to listening.

When it comes to games, we talk around some topics a lot. That understanding is important, it unlocks things, it makes people think and inspires them.

Now we have Banksy, and massive outdoor city murals, and street art. The frame of expression widened as acceptance did. This gets me to my original thought— listening and talking around topics. Games are art, indisputably. Games also teach, indisputably.

We have an ever-expanding body of research that concludes that games are one of if not the best mechanisms for teaching. We talk about games teaching resource management, and strategy. Guitar Hero and Rock Band taught people about classic rock. Math class teaches you how to finish math class, but it also teaches you how to balance a budget, how to make estimates, how to think about problems logically, and a variety of other handy life skills.

Per the title, quite possibly the least meaningful question it is possible to ask about anything. We learn it early, we learn it from everything around us.