Implementing Quality of Service Policies with DSCP

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The information presented in this document was created from devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared default configuration. If you are af41 binary options in a live network, ensure that you understand the potential impact of any command before using it. Differentiated Services DiffServ is a new model in which traffic is treated by intermediate systems with relative priorities based on the type of af41 binary options ToS field.

DiffServ increases the number of definable priority levels by reallocating bits of an IP packet for priority marking. The DiffServ architecture defines the DiffServ DS field, which supersedes the ToS field in IPv4 to make per-hop behavior Af41 binary options decisions about packet classification and traffic conditioning functions, such as metering, marking, shaping, and policing.

Packets within a af41 binary options class are treated the same way. For more information on document conventions, refer to Cisco Technical Tips Conventions. The standardized DiffServ field of the packet is marked with a value so that the packet receives a particular forwarding treatment or PHB, at each network node. The default DSCP is The DiffServ standard utilizes the same precedence bits the most significant bits—DS5, DS4 and DS3 for priority setting, but further clarifies the definitions, offering finer granularity through the use of the next three bits in the DSCP.

DiffServ reorganizes and renames the precedence levels still defined by the three af41 binary options significant bits of af41 binary options DSCP into these categories the levels are explained in greater detail in this document:. With this system, a device prioritizes traffic by class first.

Then it differentiates and prioritizes same-class traffic, taking the drop probability into account. The DiffServ standard does not specify a precise definition of "low," "medium," and "high" drop probability. Not all devices recognize the DiffServ DS2 and DS1 settings; and even when these settings are recognized, they do not necessarily trigger the same PHB forwarding action at each network node.

Each node implements its own response based on af41 binary options it is configured. Within each class, there are three drop probabilities. Depending on a given network's policy, packets can be selected for a PHB based on required throughput, delay, jitter, loss or according af41 binary options priority of access to network world's best regulated binary options brokers. Classes 1 to 4 are referred to as AF classes.

Such a service appears to the endpoints like a point-to- point connection or a "virtual leased line. Again, vendor-specific mechanisms need to be configured to implement these PHBs.

Classifier—Select a packet based on the contents of some portions of the packet header and apply PHB based on service characteristic defined by the DSCP value. Packet classification af41 binary options using a traffic descriptor to categorize a packet within a specific group and making the packet accessible for QoS handling in the network.

Using packet classification, you can partition network traffic into multiple priority levels or a class of service CoS. The DSCP can be af41 binary options to a desired value at the edge of the network in order to make it easy for core devices to classify the packet as shown in the Packet Classification section and provide a suitable level of service.

Committed Access Rate and Class-Based Policing are traffic regulation mechanisms, used to regulate traffic flow to conform with the agreed upon service parameters.

These mechanisms along with DSCP can be used to provide different levels of service to conforming and non-conforming traffic by appropriately modifying the DSCP value, as shown in this section. This differentiated service can be on basis of the DSCP, as shown here:. For more information on the following bugs, You can use the Bug Toolkit registered customers only for more information on these bugs:.

CSCdt registered customers only —Support for the set ip dscp command on the Cisco router and lower-end platforms for the for multicast packets should be available as of Cisco IOS Software Release Differentiated Services Code Point.

Stays the same link layer and routing protocol keep alive. Stays the same used for IP routing protocols.

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