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The most important change compared to the 1985 configuration is that one of the rooms in acb Gallery has no windows, therefore the windows with the cross motifs that had become emblematic are now missing. In addition to the cultural tasks of preservation, presentation and commemoration, the title of the exhibition comprises a new, personal motif, the most adequate subject of private reminiscence: the Walzer. At the end of the 19 th century, the school (today Lycee Emile Zola) was the site of two important events in cultural history: the second Dreyfus trial was held in the gymnasium of the school Alfred Jarry was attending.

The possible meeting of Alfred Jarry and Alfred Dreyfus in this space symbolises the coincidence of the crises of the republic with the birth of the avant-garde, and it is this concomitance that the project of Katarina Sevic and Tehnica Schweiz reflects on. This collective reading exercise became an alternative method of interpreting the era.